Mobile Tyre Fitting Greenwich

Mobile Tyre Fitting in Greenwich SE10

Hi, My name is Rashid and my company is East London Tyres, we`re your local mobile tyre service.

We have coverage in The Borough of Greenwich including, Greenwich, Woolwich, Charlton and Thamesmead.

At East London Tyres we will do our best to assist you in resolving any tyre related issues.

There are many benefits in our service that are particularly helpful for our busy customers, i.e..,

we have flexible timings, including early mornings, weekends and evenings.

We operate 7 days a week!

Home, work or emergency, you can rely on us to get you back on the road!

Smart Car Tyre fitted in Woolwich

You would have though that most vehicles will have the same size tyres for both the front and rear?,

and you would be right, but there are also many cars with different sizes for the front and rear.

The most common one`s that we come across are Smart Cars, many models of BMW, Mercedes,

Porsche and Audi.

This is something that has tripped us up on many occasions when customers have given us the front tyre details

when it was the rear tyre and vice versa.

These are usually genuine mistakes because many motorists have never checked their tyres size,

and why would you?. Until you need to replace a tyre.

When we get a call from customers for certain makes of cars we ask them to physically check

the tyre that needs changing and give us the details, other times we ask them to send us a

picture of the damaged tyre so that we can confirm for ourselves.

A customer called us from Woolwich in South East London, they had a flat rear tyre on their Smart car.

Once we had confirmed the correct tyre size which was 175/55/15 we were on site with an hour

to fit the new tyre and get them mobile again!

For a fast and professional mobile tyre service in Greenwich and the surrounding areas please call East London Tyres for a no obligation quote.

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