Tyre Fitting at Work
Michelin primacy tyre fitted by East London Tyres.

Tyre Fitting at Work

Michelin Tyres

Tyre fitting at work

I got a call from a Doctor at a hospital in East London & she had clipped the kerb and damaged the rear off side tyre on her Citroen Grand Picasso, she had managed to drive the car and park it at the hospital where she was on duty.

The lady asked me to replace the tyre with the same one`s on her car, which were the Michelin Primacy 3 205/55R17. As it was late in the evening it was not possible for me to get the Michelin, so we agreed to arrange for the following day.

Once i had sourced the tyre i got the relevant information such as where the car was parked, where the locking wheel nut key is and also where to collect the keys as the doctor would be on duty at the agreed time.


Tyre Fitting at Work

As per instructions from my customer i arrived at the car park & parked my van as close as possible in the crowded to the car park, i then went to the main hospital building to collect the keys from security. Once i had the keys i headed back to the car to locate the locking wheel nut key which was in the glovebox.

I jacked up the slightly and the loosened all the wheel nuts with my breaker bar and then lifted the car off the ground and removed all the nuts with my impact gun. The damaged tyre was removed and a new valve fitted, i then mounted the new Michelin tyre onto the wheel and inflated it to the correct setting, then it was onto the balancer to make sure the wheel was correctly balanced.

I fitted the wheel back onto the car and tightened the wheel nuts to the correct torque settings, locking key was put back in its box and then placed back into the glovebox.

After putting away my tools and locking the car i returned the keys to security.

If you are a busy professional i.e, Doctor, Dentist, Teacher etc..and you would like to save time by having the convenience of tyres fitted at your workplace then please contact East London Tyres on: 07966558652..We keep your wheels turning`.

Michelin Primacy Tyre
Michelin primacy tyre fitted by East London Tyres.


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