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Emergency Tyre Repair

Where`s the Spare Tyre Gone?

Recently a customer phoned me and asked if i could come and fit the spare wheel to her car, i asked her if she had checked the boot to ensure that she did actually have a spare, she replied that she had not because she assumed that all cars carry a spare, which they do not, and when she checked the boot, her car did`nt have one either.

There was a time when it was par for the course that a car would have a spare wheel, but times have changed on many vehicles now the spare would have been replaced by a tub of tyre sealant and a compressor.

On many makes and models there won`t even be the option to have a spare, this may be due to weight saving measures to boost fuel efficiency or environmental reasons.

What shall i do if i have a Flat Tyre?

Tyre repair East LondonWithout the benefit of a spare tyre you would need to use the emergency tyre kit if your car has one, but even this can be confusing to some people who have never used it and it won`t help if the tyre has a hole or a cut as the liquid sealant would just seep out.

Other options would be to call out a breakdown company such as the AA or Rac who may be able to fit their temporary spare wheel to get you home, this option may not be viable though if you have a long journey or if you drive a certain vehicle i,e Range Rover.

The most convenient option would be to call out a mobile tyre service such as ours at East London Tyres, we`ll come out to your location and fit a new tyre.

Can i buy a Spare Tyre for my Car?

spare wheel in the car bootI have been asked on many occasions by customers if i could supply a spare tyre for their vehicle, and where possible i have. The problem is that on many cars where theres no spare, there is also little room to fit one, but where there is sufficient space in the boot i can help source a new wheel, tyre, wheel brace and jack, but more often then not i advice my customers to buy a can of Holts Tyre Weld for emergency’s as its quick and easy to apply.

What are Run Flat Tyres?

Run flat tyres as the name suggests have a reinforced sidewall which allows the tyres to be driven on in the event of a puncture for up to 50 miles at a reduced speed. These tyres are most commonly found on BMW, Mini & certain models of Mercedes, they are more expensive to buy, are not usually repairable and with lower profile tyres can cause cracks to the wheels.

Emergency Tyre Repair

There is nothing more stressful then picking up a puncture or damaging a tyre whilst driving, but there is no need to worry, call East London Tyres, let us take the stress out of any tyre problems that may arise! We provide a fast and friendly mobile tyre service in East London and West Essex..Call us so we can help you!!..07966558652.

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